Defending Skills of Acupoint Pressing (Dim Muk) &
Catching (ChinNa) DVD Series
by master Xie, Zhikai
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Dim Muk ChinNa
Self-defense Skills Part II
Dim Muk ChinNa
Self-defense Skills Part III
Dim Muk ChinNa
Self-defense Skills Part I
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Item Code: SDD012
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Duration: 50 mins
Duration: 58 mins
Duration: 57 mins
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NOW !! US$12.99
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The defending skills of acupoint pressing (Dim muk) and catching (ChinNa) are an unique martial arts. It was organized, summarized, and created from the knowledge of acupoints & experience of fighting arts. This magic skill emphasizes subduing the activity with serenity, and winning with knacks. Learning and mastering the skill of acupoint pointing has great effects in building healthier and stronger body as well as cultivating our mind. It also has great importance in upgrading the ability of self-defending, which can help us gain upper hand in the absence of weapons.
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Mandarin Chinese, Two Subtitles (English, Chinese)