Dai Family Xin Yi Chuan Series
by master Guo, Jin Gang
About the performer: Master Jin Gang Guo wsa Dai Family Xin Yi Chuan Wuguan Head Coach in Qi county and Vice-president of Dai Family Xin Yi Chuan Association.
7 Small Forms (1) Ermei Ci (1)
7 Cannon (1)
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This form imitated 7 small animals in the air and water. They are turtle, praying mantis, dragonfly, bee, spider, gold fish, & seahorse. Imitated the movements & learned the spirits to form various unique hand forms using for attacking and defending. Major skills of this form are prick, pierce through, poke, & pick etc.... It associated with different footwork, feet forms, balancing methods, jumping and rolling skills to form this special routine.
Cannon Fist is like the whole process of shooting a cannon ball. Cannon fist has force of stimulation. Forces go from root of finger, to middle joints of finger, and release at the tips of finger, from inside to outside. In fighting, forces of launch, full of explosive force. Force of explosion, forces explode to the side and surrounding. Upper forces is like launching cannon up, Lower method is like taking cannon ball out of cannon and retreat.
Lian Zhu Ba (1)
Imitation Fist (1) Iron Chopsticks (1)
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This routine was adopted and organized by 5th generation Dai Family Xinyiquan masters, Yue YunZhong and Gao MaoDe, in 60s. This form also called Xinqi 32 forms. Simple forms with deep meaning. Forms are very practical.
These animal forms were created during cool weapon period of xinyi fist by several masters. It imitated the yielding skills, advancing skills, hitting skills, moving skills, & different surviving skills among wild lives to associate with existing fist routines to form unique and practical attacking and defending skills. It also called Quian kun needles. They are about 1 feet long. A pair of handy short weapon for travelers. This form focused on using agile body movements to resolve opponents' attack, then using pointing skills to attack opponents' weakness from different angles and situations. Major skills are press, swing, pull, wrap, step, throw, peak, & intercept.
Linked Broadsword (1) Linked Palm (1) Linked Staff (1)
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Its major skills are dian (point), da (hit), Bo (pull out), ya (escort), tiao (pick), and shuo (sweep). Body movements follows staff movements. Holding the staff with two hukou (part of the hand between the thumb and the index finger) facing each other. This way you can easily handle the staff to attack and defend from both left and right.
It is an integrated form of Dai family Xinyi fist. It included regular routines and sanshou skills. Its rich content, unique movements, tight structure, flexible forms, & clear steps would surprise learners. Forms are smoothly linked. Softness within hardness. Strong explosive force. It fully show various forces of fist, elbow, shoulder, hip, & feet methods, training methods, and art of sanshou.
Xinyi broadsword skills are all practical skills. Major skills has 3: kua dian (straddle pointing), tiao dian (picking pointing), and jiao dian (hanging pointing).
Praying Mantis Ya Shi (2)
Linked Spear (1) Applications Sparring (1)
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ZaShi meant up and down, intercepting and blocking, imagining a heavy door gate falling down on you and bloced your way. Up to attack, down to defend. Using praying mantis as the name of the form was because spirit of this form was similiar to the spirit of praying mantis, advance and no retreat.
This sparring routine was easy to learn and practice. It helped refining qi and blood circulation. It harmonized the movements of body, footwork, hands, and eyes in order to improve the skills in fighting. It covered Xinyi Zimu staff and Xinyi Zimu fist.
Its attacking method is always focused on ZhongMen (middle gate). Its height is same as the position of heart. Its footwork included inch step (chun bu), wheel step (che lun bu), ground step (di pian bu), tiger step, rooster step, defeated step (bi bu). When eyes are there on opponent, mind and hand are also there on opponent at ths same time. Training tips: importance of correct position of 3 points (tip of nose, spear head, tips of feet).
Standing Posture (1)
San (Three) Fist (1)
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DanTian is the source of qi and the root of standing postures. It preserves health by improving internal strength.
San (three) fist are Zhan fist, Guo fist (wrap fist), and Jian fist (trample fist). Zhan fist is like lightening; Guo fist is like tiger trampling; Jian fist is like hourse running. Three fist are closely linked based on the relations of heaven, earth, and human, including heaven's spirit, mind, qi, yin, yang, & metor speed, earth's wind, fire, and water flow, and human's clear mind, full qi, & refined. Zhan fist is a yin fist, flexible, changeable; Guo fist which helps improving qi in lung is like wind, no fixed forms, following the mind, and agile; Jian fist is like fire, a yang fist, full of explosive force.
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