Dai Family Xin Yi Chuan Series
by Mu, Jin Qiao/ Wong Jian Hui/ Dian, Shu Qi
Fundamentals & 5 Elements Fist (1)
28 Forms (2)
10 Animals Fist (2)
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Basic skills of Xin Yi Chuan. Abundant internal strength dissolved in 5 Elements fist. Pi fist is like axe; Zhan fist is like lightning; Ben fist is like cannon. You can actually see the strength of the movements.
A closely-linked, Clear-organized routine. Movements are agile & mighty. It is a represtative routine in Dai Family Xin Yi Chuan.
10 animals fist is a major routine in Xin Yi Fist. It imitates dragon, tiger, snake, monkey, horse, eagle, swallow, rooster, bear, & sparrow hawk. A fundamental routine. It lively represents the characteristics of different animals.
5 Tang Zha Shi (Mixed Forms) (3)
Fighting skills (1)
4 Ba & 5 Bang (1)
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Zha Shi means fixed forms. This traditional routine is the most complicated routine in Dai Family Xin Yi Chuan. Forms structure are closely linked. plentiful content, wide-opened movements, & vaired changeable skills.
Apply Pi, Ben, Jian, Pao, & Heng, basic skills of Hsing-I Chuan, associating with different body methods & footwork onto fighting skills. Most movements are straight in & straight out, focusing on upper body methods. Well-balanced skills.
Ba means grip/handle. Bang means upper arm/shoulder. Movments of 4 Ba is free, natural, & clear. 5 Bang are practical shoulder skills. Fists are fast like cannon. Its training methods is similar to 5 Elements fist. Every shoulder movement can be trained seperately or together.
Pan Sword (2)
Xin Yi 13 Broadsword (1)
Dim Muk Jue (1)
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A unique short weapon. Its shape is like a bayonet,  but much narrower than common bayonet. Movements are straight in & straight out, fast & vaired. Hard to predict offensive & defensive skills.
An integrated broadsword routine based on basic movments of Xin Yi Fist. Major skills are Pi (cut), Liao (sweep), Zha (throw), Mo (Wipe), Jie (intercept)... 12 basic skills as frame of the entire routine. Using Hsing-I 3 body style (San Ti Shi) as training method.
A pair of unique weapons in the size of date seeds. Samll & handy. It mainly used to block flowing of opponents' qi by hitting the acupoints, tendon, & bones. Major skills are Tou (push), Jia (clip), Chuan (pierce through), Dian (point), & Ci (pierce). It also named as "Pu Tian Zhan".
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