Wudang Chun Yang Fist:
Tendon-Opening-up Pulse-living 13 Chapters
Internal Health-preserving Exercises Series
by master Wang, Zhao Hui
About the performer: Master Zhoa Hui Wang is Wudang Chun Yang Fist 23th generation inheritor. He was direct disciple?? of master Liu Li Hong, Wudang Quan Zhen Long Men Sec. Chun Yang Fist 22nd generation inheritor.
About the form: Wudang Taoist kungfu has plenty of health-preserving exercises that has never been taught or shown to the public. This exercises is one of it. Core of Taoist theories is the word "natural". They believed any evolution is a natural thing. 5 elements, Ying & Yang, the pattern of qi flowing within pulse & meridians, Yin & Yang among Internal organs are all naturally existing. This series feature exceises assisting organs naturally adjust outside factors that interupt normal function of  body to reach health-preserving & longevity purpose.
Kai Gong . 5 Qi 6 Pulses (1)
Rules of 5 Pulses (1) Taoist Kun Yin Pi Da Gong (1)
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Kai Gong is the opening of the routine.
Kun & Yin are all means Yin, opposite of Yang, usually refer to softness, hiding forces. Pi Da means hitting. Gong (exercises).
Dan Tian . Abdomen (1)
Jing Quan . Jiang Tai (1)
Waist . Spleen . Stomach (1)
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Dan Tian is a very important location of all kungfu. It is the 3 inches below abdomen. It is the origns of qi.
Jing (Golden) Quan (origin) . Jiang (general) Tai (platform).
Internal Gong of Heart . Xing Bao Luo (1)
Internal Gong of Lung . Hai Wo (1)
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Item Code: WD079
Hai (Sea); Wo (nest) Xing (heart) Bao (wrapping up) Luo (meridians)
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