Zhu (Red) Sa (Sand) Palm VCD Series
by master Yang, Yong
About the performer: Master Yong Yang is the famous inheritor of ZhuSa Palm.
Zhu Sa Brocade 8 Hands (1) Zhu Sa Health Preserving Exercises (2)
Item Code: ZSP01 Item Code: ZSP02
Brocade 8 Hands also called "Close 8 Hands". It was passed down by TieZheng Zhao, a Beijing Wushu master. It was an internal form with the characteristics of  external wushu, had 8 set of forms & plenty of sanshou forms.  Fist & Kick were all required fast & strong. Major palms were Zhu (red) Sa (sand) palm, Iron sand palm & claw forms; Major footwork was 8 step Linked step; Major leg forms is mandarin duck kick. Zhu Sa Palm was an internal gong. It was said: "Only practising forms without internal gong, you will get nothing when you are old.", so we could tell the importance of developing & training of internal forces. Master Yang started learning this form since 6 years old. He practised it for 70+ years and he is now 80+ years old. He deeply understood its heath preserving ability.
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(1) Set of Single
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(2) Set of 2
VCDs, US$13.99