Chen Style Tai Chi Chuan Series
Tian ChouXing's Chen Style Taiji Broadsword (1)
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Item Code: CTJ101
Content: 1 VCD, US$7.99
Tian Chou Xing learned taiji from Tian XiuChen, Feng ZhiQiang. His taiji form was the line of Chen FaKe. This program explained detailed characteristics of Chen style taijiquan, training methods, & its cores. Precise, well-linked, steady, & tight movements. A complete combination of self-defense, health-preserving, & spiritual training.
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Tian Xiu Chen's Chen Style Tai Chi Chuan (2)
Item Code: CTJ099
Content: 2 VCDs, US$13.99
Tain Xiu Chan, one of the ost important Chen style Taijiquan spreaders in Beijing. He devoted all his life to the career of Taijiquan. It is him, who linked Taijiquan into universities, which make Taijiquan more and more cultural and scientific. Mr. Tian, the loyal traditional cultural inheritor, impressed by his excellent expression for the Chen style taijiquan's connotation. The film includes the demonstration by master Tian himself, Tian QiuTian, Tian QiuXin, Tian QiuMao, who are his main students, and also with his numerous followers.
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Chen Style Tai Chi Chuan Low Frame 1st Routine (2)
by Li, Xiang Shan
Item Code: CTJ084
Content: 2 VCDs, US$13.99
Chen style Tai Chi Chuan Low Frame 1st routine is based on Chen FaKe's Old Frame 1st routine (83 forms). Its movements is basically same as Old Frame 1st routine but it body is sitting lower than common routines. It has more wide open movements. A good training on steadiness of lower body. Some force-issuing points is different than regular Old Frame 1st routine.
Chen Style Tai Chi Chuan Old Frame 1st Routine (2)
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by Li, Cheng Xiang
(Head National Wushu Judge, One of 100 foremost wushu masters, 4th generation inheritor of Wu2 style Taijiquan, famous wushu instructor)
Item Code: CTJ093
Content: 2 VCDs, US$13.99
Chen style Tai Chi Old Frame 1st routine is one of the oldest traditional routine. It was formed in Wen county, Henan Province by Chen family. It was wide spread and practised over the world.  Movements of entire routine matched the breathing methods. hardness with softness. An excellent traditional routine performed by excellent master.
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(1) Single VCD, US$7.99
(2) Set of 2
VCDs, US$13.99