Cheng Style Bagua (Pa Kua) Palm Series
by master Ma, Lin Cheng
About the performer: Master Lin CHeng Ma is 4th generation inheritor of Cheng style Bagua Palm. He passed 6th grade national wushu evaluation & a senior bagua instructor.
Fundamentals (1) Bagua Swimming Body Linked Fist (1)
Bagua Sword (1)
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Fundamentals of Bagua Palm are mainly standing postures & footwork. Circling is the basic moving form. Muddy Wade step & Bai Ko step are the basic footwork. Major palm are Dragon Claw Palm & Ox Tongue Palm. Major hitting methods are push, hold, cut, advance, carry, grab, point, lock....Major palm methods are 8 Major Single Turning Palm, 8 Major Palms, & Bagua Swimming Body Linked Palm. Swimming Body Linked Fist does not have fixed order to link the palm forms. Practicers can link different palm forms in the ways they like. The training method determined the results of sanshou techniques & health preserving benefits. Through continous circling moves, it help the balance of inner organs, increase qi flow in meridians, & help gain & store qi.
This routine also called Swimming Body Bagua Linked Sword. The length of the sword is 3 feet & 8 inches. Handle 8 inches, blade 3 feet. The handle is longer than regular sword. It is long enough to be held by both hands. This routine requires solid foundation of basic bagua skills emphasizing using mind not hard forces, using mind to lead qi, using qi to to move the body, & using spirit to move sword.
Bagua Linked Broadsword (2) Bagua Deer Horn Knifes (2)
Bagua Staff (1)
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A short weapon in Bagua. The length of the broadsword is about 4 feet 3 inches, weight about 3.5 kg. An advanced weapon routine. It not only requires solid foundation of bagua skills, but also the understanding of broadsword method. It fully present the characteristics of bagua. A pair of special short weapon in bagua. Its original name in the past was "Sun Moon Qian Kun Knife". Basic skills are hook, hang, lock, grab, sweep, point, push, pare, chop, cut, carry...... Its training method is basically same as bagua palm.
A long weapon routine in Bagua. The length of the staff is about 5 feet. It emphasizes using this long staff as a short stick; using this straight staff as bending staff. Yin & Yang are interchangable. Major methods are Dian, Ben, Ya, Sao, Za, Pi, Tui, Chan, Zha, Tiao, Liao, & Jia.
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