Chen Style Tai Chi Chuan
DVD Series
Illustrated by Master Zhang, JianPing
Demonstrated by Wei ShaoTong
About the illustrator: Master Zhang, Jianping was master Chen, Fake's direct disciple. He was the 10th generation inheritor of Chen Style Taijiquan.
About the demonstrator: Wei, ShaoTong is Zhang Jianping's disciple, the 11th generation inheritor of Chen Style Taijiquan.
Chen Style Taijiquan Routine I (Part A)
Item Code: CTC111
Duration: 74 mins
content: 2 DVD discs
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Chen Style Taijiquan Routine I (Part B)
Item Code: CTC112
Duration: 142 mins
content: 3 DVD discs
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The routine I was handed down by Mr. Chen Fake. It's a traditional form. It consists of 83 postures and fully retains its original characteristics and hitting style. Taiji refers to Qi following Yin and Yang, getting harmonious with nature. It is mainly about forming postures, most of which are soft, but with a hidden force. It characterizes hard aids soft, visible and invisible, move implies still. When practice, we should present the special energy and miracle feelings. The energy is like coin silk to shuttle, round outwards and square inwards, and loosening flexible and springing shaking, at the same time willpower keeps increasing without force, furthermore, spirit get through when willpower fades. All posture in the routine I are original, many of which rarely appear now. They are unique in style and good for life preservation. It is a good reference for many Taijiquan lovers and researchers.
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Item Code: CTC115
Chen Style Taijiquan Routine II Cannon Hammer
Item Code: CTC113
Duration: 101 mins
content: 2 DVD discs
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Routine II of Chen Style Taijiquan stresses hardness with softness. While practicing, you should complete force in successive movements such as stamping, applying your force, dodging away or jumping up. It has the air of onstrous python coming out of cave, fierce tiger rushing down mountain and moves as lion shaking its furs. Its demands are: hand leading, body following, flexible footwork, steady foot, complete force and sufficient spirit. Its main movements are pluck, twist, elbow and lean, accompanied by stroke, squeeze and press, so it fully shows the features of fastness and forcefulness.
Chen Style Taijiquan Push Hand
Item Code: CTC114
Duration: 158 mins
content: 3 DVD discs
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Push Hand of Chen Style Taijiquan is originally called hand-fend or hand-beat. It is themed on twisting and helical motion, commanded by flexible elasticity and tenacious inner force. A good practice can help you build up your body, get rid of illness and protect yourself. This push hand routine mainly introduces single pulling flower, double pulling flowers, disordered treading flowers, Sizheng, Siyu, unfurl and pull widely, push hand with fixed steps, push hand with flexible steps, three forward and two backwards, three forward and three backwards,... etc. It gives detailed explanation of more than ten seizing methods and beating methods in acutal combat, showing true techniques of Taijiquan.
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Specification: NTSC, All Zones, Mandarin Chinese,
2 subtitles (Simplified
Chinese/ English)