Chen Style Tai Chi Chuan Small Frame Routines DVD Series
by master Chen, Yun Fu
About the performer: Master Yun Fu Chen is now a coach and committee member of Xian Wushu Association & Vice-Chairman of Xian ChuaHua Wushu School.
Small Frame 1st Routine (3 DVDs)
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Chen-style Taijiquan Routine emphasizes gentleness with touchness hiding in.  The waist is the origin of the movements.  It uses the midn to lead the Qi, use the Qi to control the  body form.  While practicing, you should make your movements continous and smooth, and breath natural; keep your elbows lowered and shoulders relaxed, chest hold in and waist sunk.  Your entire body should be well coordinated, s that they can generate force as a whole.
Small Frame Single Sword (1 DVD)
Item Code: CTC021
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Taiji Single Sword is one of the short weapons of Chen-style Taijiquan.  There is 49 forms.  The sword methods are clear, with stab, chop, uppercut, parry, point, slice, support, block, sweep, intercept, thrust, push.   It combines the elegant body form which derived from Taiji and uses stable foot method, and with inflexibility and yielding, concealed and appeared, follow-up with sticking and attaching.  In additional, the various changes, truely represents the features of Chen-Style Taiji.  The Small Frame Single Sword associate  the sword with the whole body, continuously and smoothly.  Also it has a well balance of toughness & gentleness, equaling stress the quickness and slowness, changing the crook and the stretch.  You must use your mind to guide your Qi when practicing, and the force is focused at the tip of sword.  Therefore the weapon and body move naturally as a whole.
Small Frame 2nd Routine Cannon Fist (2 DVDs)
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Chen-Style Tai Chi Chuan is expressed gracefully and generously. Its movements are agile and stable. With the development and improvement of touching, sticking, linking and following techniques, it also kept leaping, jumping, springing, dodging, spreading, soaring, moving, spiring and twining forcein practice.
Although Tai Chi Chuan was divided into big frame and small frame or routine I and II, its theory is exclusive. This program collects the essence of every Chen-StyleTai Chi Chuan Small Frame. Those are demonstrated naturally and clearly so that the learners can easily follow.
Demonstration of Chen style Tai Chi Chuan Small Frame Routines (1 DVD)
Item Code: CTC017
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Chen-styleTai Chi Chuan 2nd Routine is also referred as Cannon Fist. Hardness and strength are the major characteristic of it. However, it also contains gentleness in the routine.
2nd routine also break through the stage of ridding stiffness and seeking softness to coorindate the body as a whole. It also stresses on combining internal and external energy and the harmony of breath & movements.
Small Frame Double Broadsword (1 DVD)
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The Chen-Style Tai Chi Double Braodswords is one of the Chen-Style Double Weapons routines. There are 35 forms in this routine, which is connectively arranged.  Its main techniques include cutting, hacking, arcing, parrying, thrusting, crossing, crosscutting, pressing, pushing, slicing, sweeping, supporting and figure-8 form. With Generous body work and agile and stable footwork, the double broadswords are played, fully embodying Chen-Style Tai Chi Chuan's features of hardness and softness in harmony, fastness and slowness in interval, relaxing, activeness, flipping and shaking motions are all played in a well arranged way.  When practicing the routine of double broadsword, the broadsword must be combined well with steps, as an expression saying that when playing single broadsword, watch your hand; when playing double broadswords, watch your footwork, which emphasizes the importance of your footwork in practicing double broadswords. So you wand to exercise the footwork well, you should use the Tai Chi Chuan as the basic. When you grasp the sturdy basic skills of Tai Chi Chuan, you can really experience the styles and characteristics in practicing, with broadsword like flowing water and footwork like flying, twining or wrapping head is quick and forcefully.
Small Frame Spring & Autumn Falchion (Da Dao) (1 DVD)
Item Code: CTC019
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Chen style Spring & Autumn Falchion is also called Black Dragon Lower Moon Falchion, which is one of the long weapons of Chen style Taiji weapons routine. Its districution is rational & its skills are clear, and it can gain advantage from both sides. When practicing, you must have the good basic of Taijiquan, and it is more important to have the power of waist, legs, & arms. The falchion (Dao Do) is a long & heavy weapon, so you should have sufficient force of waist & arms if you want to use it freely. Its skills include cutting, hacking, pushing, chopping, turning, rolling, twining & pressing, so it is one kind of powerful weapon and it is praised as "The Weapon of Commanders"
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