1st Routine of the Chen-Style New Frame Taijiquan
(Combat Techniques & Applications)
The Routine II of the Chen-Style New Frame Taijiquan is called Pao Chui (Cannon Hammer Fist).  The structure of routine is complicated.  It's movements are quick, compact, swift and strong.  It takes Pulling Downward, Bending Backward, Elbow Stroke and Shoulder Stroke as its main techniques; Ward off, Stroke, Push and Press as it's auxiliary techniques. This Chen-Style New Frame Taijiquan also emphasizes it's technique in springiness force.  In this teaching program, master Zhang Zhijun introduces to the practice method and movement essentials and stress on the combat techniques of the Chen-style Taijiquan.  The movements are deomonstrated and explained naturally and can be understood and followed easily. 
Set of 6 DVDs (Episode 1-8)
2nd Routine of the Chen-Style New Frame Taijiquan
(Combat Techniques & Applications)
Set of 4 DVDs (Episode 1-4)
Chen Style Taiji Sword
Single DVD
The Chen-Style Taiji Sword is one of the short weapons in Chen-Style Taiji weapons series.  The sword techniques consist of thrust, hack, uppercut, parry, point, slice, push, dispel and so on.  The unpredictability, hiding or appearing, close following, prancing and somersaulting, which really show that Chen-Style Taiji Sword is characterized by using the body to master the sword, stretching continuously and alternating with quickness and slowness. 
New Frame Routine I is the essence of Chen-Style Taiji Quan.  In this film, Mr Zhang Zhijun introduces in detail its practice method and the requirements, practicularly some of his research results on the techniques of Hand-pushing and Sanshou of Chen-Style Taiji Quan.  This film is rich in contents and fresh in theories.  From this film, we can see the exquisite techniques and wide knowledge of Zhang Zhijun.  It is a good material for teaching.
Chen Style Tai Chi Chuan New Frame Routines DVD Series
by master Zhang Zhi Jun
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Chen Style Taiji Quan New Frame VCD Series
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