Chen Style Zun Gu Tai Chi Chuan Series
by master Chen, Qing Zhou
About the performer: Master Qing Zhou Chen is 19th generation inheritor of Chen style Tai Chi Chuan. He is now the Principal of Wen County Qing Zhou Wushu School, Vice-President Jiaozuo International Tai Chi Chuan Association, & Head Coach of US Chen Qing Zhou Kungfu Research Association.
Xing Gong Stick
& Push Hand (1)
Demonstrations of Zun Gu Tai Chi Chuan & Weapon Routines (1)
Old Frame 1st Routine (3)
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Old Frame is Da (big) Frame. It retains the old style of Chen style tai chi gong, so it is also called Kungfu Frame. It was created by 14th generation master Chen, ChangXing. Entire routine has agile footwork & natural body movements. "Chan Si" Forces is the core of using forces. Waist movements are major movements. Smoothly linked.
A "V'" shape equipment training on grappling & the methods on how to solve grappling. this equipment is usually made of fruit trunk. Following the increase in internal strength, utilizing the hand methods into push hand training & sparring exercises. Each movements combine with the qi forces from "Dan Tian" and flows with opponent's movements.
This program completely presents the characteristics of Chen style Zun Gu Tai Chi Chuan. It is performed by 19th generation master, Qing Zhou Chen.
Xing Gong Tai Chi Ball (1) Taiji Single Sword (1)
Taiji Double Sword (1)
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Item Code: CTJ063
Training of Taiji ball is a supplementary exercise accompnaying with regular practice of Chen style Tai Chi Chuan. It increases your physical ability, internal strength, & sparring techniques. Most obvious result is increasing the internal strength of your "DanTian", in which qi is generated.
This routine was created by master Chen, Zhao Pi. Entire routine is reasonably arranged. Sword method is clear & smooth. Movements are like butterfly flying among flowers, like dragon flying into skly from sea.
A short weapon routine in Chen style Tai Chi Chuan. Swordplay associates the poised body movements of Chen style Tai Chi Chuan. Agile & solid footwork; Movements are suddenly hard & suddenly soft, suddenly open & suddenly close. A very nice health-preserving routine. 
Taiji Broadsword
& Do Staff (1)
Taiji Double Broadsword (1) Zun Gu 5 Tiger Staff (1)
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A well-linked & well-arranged routine. The major forms are Pi, Kan, Liao, Gua, Jia, Je, Lan, Tou, Mo, Hen, Jia & Wuhua. It associates with the poised movements in Chen style Tai Chi Chuan. Agile & solid footwork. It completely presents the softness & hardness, fast & slow of Chen style Tai Chi Chuan. A long weapon routine in Chen style Tai Chi Chuan. It contains the characteristics of spear methods associating with the methods of winding, turning, & attaching in tai chi chuan. 
Do staff is a short & condensed routine. Powerful weapon. Continuous training can increase internal strength; increase sudden power-releasing at waist, arm. Broadsword is a short weapon routine. It completely presents the interchange of softness & hardness, slow & fast of Chen style Tai Chi Chuan.
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New Item!!
Old Frame 2nd Routine (1) Spring & Autumn Falchion (1)
Li Hua Spear (2)
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Item Code: CTJ067
Old Frame also named as Big Frame/ Kungfu Frame. It was created by 14th generation inheritor, Chen, Chang Xing. It completely reserved the characteristics of traditional forms. Old Frame 2nd routine also called as Cannon Hammer fist. Comparing with 1st routine, fist movements of 2nd routine are more complicated, more closely linked, & higher difficulties. Speed of movements & forces usage are different from 1st routine. Major technqiues are Cai, Ba, Zhou, Kao. Four square Hand (Si Zheng Shou) is an assisting technique.
Li Hua Spear Jia White Ape Staff contains both spear & staff methods & techniques. It shows the smooth interchange of spear & staff methods. In real life, this routine has the effect of staff & spear: Staff sweeps large range; Spear hits in a line. Spring & Autumn Falchion (Da Dao) also called as "Blue Dragon New Moon Falchion", a long & heavy weapon. Entire Routine is nicely arranged & balanced. Its major techniques are Pi, Kan, Liao, Gua, Zhan, Mo, Jie, Lian, Tiao, Ci, & Wuhua. Clear cut & straight forward. Every movements are fierce & powerful like a tiger.
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