Chen Style Hong Sec. Tai Chi Chuan Series
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by master Li, En Jiu
Hong Sec. Tai Chi Chuan 1st Routine (3)
Hong Sec. Tai Chi Chuan 2nd Routine (2)
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Hong Sec. Tai Chi Sword (1)
Hong Sec. Tai Chi Broadsword (1)
About the performer: Master En Jiu Li is a senior wushu coach, one of important inheritor of master Hong, Jun. He passed 7th level wushu evaluation test.
2nd Routine also called as "Cannon Hammer Fist". Mainly hard movements. Using hardness to give a lining to softness. Complicated movements. Movements requires fast & solid. Its sudden forces, fast & solid movements are more suitable to young practicers.
1st Routine are mainly soft movements. Using softness to give a lining to hardness. Complicated movements. Techniques are different due to different moving angles. Practicers should "sink" the qi, keep body well-balanced, concentrate their minds.  
Major forms are "ChanGuo, GunBi, Zha, Lan, Pi, & Kan". Interchanged slow & fast movements. Using short weapon as long weapon is its additional advantage of this routine. Eye, hand, body, steps should all well-coordinated.
This routine was taught by Chen, Fa Ke in person. Entire routine has 54 movements dividing into 6 sections. Clear sword techniques associates with the body method of tai chi chuan, & agile footworks Featuring solid sword attacking techniques. Requires solid fundamental before practising this sword routine.