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Concise Chen Style Tai Chi Sword (1)
About the form and performer: This series was created by master Sijuan Wu based on Chen style Tai Chi Old Frame Routines. It contains the characteristics the "Jing Force" of Yi Quan & Cannon Fist. He is now a national wushu umpire.
Chen Style Tai Chi Chuan Series
by master Chen, You Ze
About Performer: Master You Ze Chen is 12th generation inheritor of Chen style Tai Chi Chuan; A National Wushu Judge.
Chen style Tai Chi Chuan Old Frame 1st Routine (3)
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Item Code: CTJ038
Concise Chen Style Tai Chi Chuan (1)
Chen style Tai Chi Chuan Old Frame 1st Routine (also called as Da (big) Frame) was created by master Chang Xing Chen, who was 14th generation inheritor of Chen Family Creek Chen style Tai Chi Chuan. 1st Routine is mainly a soft routine, softness with hardness; 2nd routine is mainly a hard routine. Even 1st routine is mainly soft & 2nd routine is mainly hard, they are in harmony with no contradicton. Old Frame 1st routine has steady steps, natural body movements. Internal energy leads the body movements; "Chan Zhe Force" is the core of energy issuing; Forms initate from waist. Movements are well-linked and smooth like flowing water.
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This routine consists of 66 movements. The differences between this routine and other regular Chen style Tai Chi Chuan is that it contains the hand methods and techniques of cannon fist, yi quan.
by master Wu, Si Juan
This sword routine consists of 62 movements. Emphaizing the usage of "Chan Si Method"; Chi, Pi, Liao, Point; Yuan, Mo, Bao, Ti, Tou...etc major methods.
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Chen style Tai Chi Fan (1)
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by Fang, Yun
Chen style Tai Chi Fan are from Traditional Chen style Tai Chi 1st Routine & 2nd Routine. It completely shows the characteristic of Chen style Tai Chi, slow & fast; hardness & softness; mind, qi, & body in one. This program divides entire routine in 4 sections teaching the routine from front & back, step by step in slow motion pictures.