Chang Style Wushu
by Master Liu, Yiming
About Performer: Master Yiming Liu is 8th generation master of Chang style Wushu, Chairman of Zhengzhou Chang style Wushu Research Association, the general coach of Zhengzhou Traditional Wushu and Sanda Training Center.
Health-Preserving Gong (1)
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60 mins
SanZhan Four Forms (2)
97 mins
24 Actual Combact Fist (3)
Double Maces (2)
137 mins
Big Arhat Fist (2)
24 Qi Chuan (3)
Monkey Club (Stick) (3)
Demonstration of Chang style Wushu & Weapon Routines (1)
Double Straight Swords (3)
56 mins
140 mins
138 mins
159 mins
106 mins
92 mins
Based on the effects of former masters, Chang style Wushu develops greatly day by day. Its every routine has its specialty. Its weapon routine includes sword, spear, broadsword, and club. Every movemnt focuses on usages of the techniques. Rich in routines, special in exercises & techniques, and magic in health care.
Chang style SanZhan Four Forms refer to the four techniques of Hand Push, Single Whip, Oblique Walk and Hand Flash. It is an essential routine for beginners to learn wushu. When you play it, the four forms can be used freely according to the actual situation so as to puzzle your opponent and attack him unexpectly.
24 Actual Combact Fist is the 24 combact techniques created by master Chang, naizhou. It stresses quicknes and focuses on attacking the opponent firstly in order to control him. With a quick and forceful power, these techniques are well-known to many players.
Stake Exercise is the basic exercise for beginners. This exercise consists of "Wenxiu" & "Wulian". "Wenxiu" means cultivation of Qi (internal energy), emphasizing the collection and application of Qi, trying to use your will by training your mind so that you will conforms with your mind, your mind directs your qi & your qi strengthens your movements with your qi and movements as one. "Wulian" includes Cross Hand-push, Single Whip, Oblique Walk, & Hand Flash. It improves the functions of your heart, lung, liver, spleen, and kidney, and helps accelerating blood circulation & metabolism.
Big Arhat Fist includes 18 forms which embody the moving postures of Shaolin 18 Arhats. The postures can be seen as leaning, erecting, bowing, leaning upward. It can be used to attack and defense. With extensive, gracious and changeable movements, it characterizes in great power and combination between softness and hardness.
24 Qi Quan is also named as 24 Words Fist. It is one of the representative routines of Chang style wushu and its main form, which is also named Style-forming Fist, was created by master Chang, Nianzhou in his late years. It includes 1st, 2nd, 3rd, & 24 words movements with magic skills in every word movement. This characteristic makes it unique in martial arts.
Monkey Club routine simulates the movements of monkeys. It is gentle but not weak; flexible but not stiff. Its feactures are keeping force in the two ends, one to block the opponent, another to attack the opponent. When you practise it, you should attack continuously combining softness and hardness in harmony and protect the body with the club.
Double Swords originated from 12 moves passed from master Rang, Dao (lived in Sichuan) to master Chang, Nianzhou. Chang then developed it into 36 forms after taking in the features of Rongzhu Chang style Wushu.Movements stres the beauty of postures with the application of qi softness & force in hardness. Whole routine is played in big upward and downward movements with hands, wyws, and the body moving in difficult postures, displaying the beauty of one figure and his combact techniques.
Double Maces consists of the essentials of postures, foot techniques, weapons, attack techniques, and art techniques. It is rich in changeable movements. The changeable postures are bowing, leaning upward, opening, closing, moving upward and downward. The changeable techniques are chopping, shouldering, rolling, pressing, holding, turning, raising iwth staight arms, thrusting, sweeping, sliding, sticking, and taking off. All techniques are linked with each other.
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