Canton (Guangdong) Hong Fist Series
by master Lin, Xing
About the performer: Lin Xing is the sole inheritor of Canton Hong Fist master Deng, Jin Tao.
About the form: Canton Hong Fist is the most important form among 5 major Canton kungfu. It belongs to South Shaolin kungfu. It was told that Canton Hong Fist was originally formed by Hong Xi Guan & Huang Fei Hong in Qing Dynasty.
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Single Bow Tiger-taming Fist
(DanGong FuHu) (1)
Iron Wire Fist (2)
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Iron Wire Fist was one of the "3 tresaure fists" in Canton Hong Fist. Other 2 are Tiger & Crane Fist and GongZhi FuHu Fist. Among these 3 fists, Iron Wire Fist was the most valuable form. Canton Hong Fist has 2 training methods: slow and fast. Iron Wire Fist was belong to slow training method. Slow training method meant training through balance of breathing and forces. It enchanced one's internal force in short period of time. It consumed a lot of energy, so it enchanced one's physical strength & stamina.
DanGong FuHu was an entry routine of Canton Hong Fist. It covered most of the major hand methods, such as Straight Fist, Pao Fist, Xi Fist, Gua Fist, Tuo Fist and some claw forms. Easy to learn and master. An excellent routine for all Canton Hong Fist lovers.
Qiao (Bridge) Gong (2)
Tiger & Crane Fist (2)
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Tiger & Crane Fist is the major form in the system of "Ho (back) 5 Tiger". It contains long & short "Qiao Hand" & plenty of hand methods. It contians refined & changable characteristics of short "Qiao Hand" & wide open characteristics of long "Qiao Hand". This form was first formed by Huang Fei Hong, then was organized by his inheritor Lin Si Rong. It is widely practised by southern China & overseas. Qiao Gong is one of the most important exercise in Canton Hong Fist. It is a training of associating slient forces & hard forces. Its major skills are Pi, Tiao, Chen, Bang, Yun, Gua, Fung, Jie, Qie, Gou, Jian, & Bao. Practicers can acquire & improve internal forces, stamina, & external forces. It was called "Heavy forces causing bridge to sink".
Zhuang Da (Strike) Fist (1)
Applications of Zhuang Da Fist (1)
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Zhuang Da Fist is a classic & traditional form in the system of "Qian (front) 5 Tiger". It was a secret routine, so it was not spread widely. Each form has its own usage, no useless form. clear arrangement. well-linked. It is the core of the attacking & defending skills in "Qian 5 Tiger".
Zhuang Da Fist is the core of "Qian (front) 5 Tiger. This program covers the applications of different forms in Zhuang Da Fist.
LuoHan FuHu Fist (1)
GongZhi FuHu Fist (2)
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GongZhi FuHu Fist = Gong Ji Fook Fu. It is the basic routine of Canton Hong Fist. It consists of "Gong Zhi Fist" & "Fu Hu (tiger-taming) Fist". Each routine can either be practised seperately or together. It covers most of the footwork, steps, & hand skills. Better you know about this set, better you know on Hong Fist. It provides fundamental skills of Hong Fist. A must-learn course. LouHan (arhat) FuHu (tiger-taming) Fist is a "Short Bridge" routine. Movements are small. Its training purpose is enchancing players' agility. It trains different body methods & footwork. Among all movements, turning back & side move have their difficulties. Hand skills mainly focus on "Tiao Qiao (bridge)", "Bao Qiao", & "Chou Da". Practicers require good skills on Qiao Gong.  
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