Ba Shan Fan VCD Series
Shaolin Ji (Sum of Shaolin) (1)
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Plum Blossom Cannon Fist (1)
Yun Shou Fan (Cloud Hand Turn) (1)
Seven Step Fist (1)
Shi Pin Shi (Four Calm Frame) (1)
by master Zan, Wen Fai (Jin, Wan Fa)
Liu Tang Gen (Six Laiding Root) (1)
Ba Bu Ji (Eight step Fast Fist) (1)
This routine absorbed the characteristics of shalin Kungfu so it's named as Sum of Shaolin. Most are small frames. Practical for close combact.
This routine emphasizes agile footwork and fast fists.
Also named as Mu (mother) zhi (son) Fist. Emphasizes mind to control Qi while doing the movements and use the Qi to create power. It is a good Sanshou material.
This rotuine requires the hamanization of upper body & lower body. Movements of upper body has the characteristics of Fanzi Fist, Powerful attack; Movements of lower body are fast & agile.
This routine is an inter-combination of basically 3 cannon fist, basically 3 plam methods, & basically4 different footworks. Changing of combination create differnt effects in defense and attack.
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This entire routine is formed by the theory of Qi-Sinking, Qi-claming, Qi-accumlating, & Qi-usage four methods. Harmaniztion of upper body & lower body is important. Steedy steps & Poweful Fists.
Pin has the meaning of Calm. This routine emphasizes to calm your mind, calm your qi, calm your heart, & stand still. Standing still is an adventage for both attack & defense; You can easily concentrate when your heart is calm; You can see through what your opponent would do if your mind is clear; & Calm qi helps you to use your power.