Baji Chuan VCD Series
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by master Wu, Lianzhi
Baji Chun Yang Sword (1)
Baji Tiliu Broadsword (1)
Baji Si Lang Kuan (1)
Baji Xingzhe Staff (1)
Baji Small Frame 1st Routine & Its Application (1)
Baji Liuhe Spear (1)
Baji Single Fighting & Sparring Exercise (1)
Fundamentals of Baji & Demonstration of Baji Chuan & Weapon Routines (1)
Baji Sanshou (1)
Baji Chuan (1), by Master Zhang, Long
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About Performer: Master Lianzhi Wu, 7th generation inheritor & School Master of School of Kaimeng Baji Chuan, was born in Mengcun Village, Hebei Province,  in 1947. He is now Vice Chairman of Heibei Wushu Association & Canzhou Wushu Association. He started learning Baji from his father at a very early age and began to have his own student at age 18. Some of his students have won champions at many national wushu competitions. He wrote several books like "Wu-style Kaimeng Baji Chuan" and "Compulsory Events of Traditional Chinese Martial Arts: Baji".
National Wushu Traditional Fist Champion
Head Coach of Xianxi Province Wushu Team
The movements mainly consist of raise in straight arm, tease, intercept, cleave, erase, & prick.... like willow leaves swaying, so it's named after Tiliu.
Xingzhe (Wanderer) staff's movements consist of touch, cleave, slide, shield, crack, intercept, & pound.... The performance is natural & smooth and the footwork is flexible & varied.
Chun Yang Sword's Movements mainly consist of tease, prick, raise, & touch.... It has great value on defense.
Baji consists of manly six big "openings" & 8 forms. The movements are simple, powerful, abrupt, & decisive, with varied use of elbows while moving forward & backward in linear direction. The internal energy supports the force with continuous shouts of "heigh" & "ho". Movements include elbowing, drawing, squeezing, close & decisive attack.
Selecton of essentials of Baji, its demonstration & its various weapons routines, fully displayng its history, weapon system, & features.
Single Fighting displays its technical features such as stick, crack, push, & elbow. The performance is powerful, natural, & explosive with hands open wide & close tight. Sparring exercise is bare-handed practice of two persons.
Baji Sanshou (Free Sparring) emphasizes short intercept, short catch, fiercely open & strike, close, poke, squeeze, ;ean, crack, shake, assault. Being outbreak when the player moves forward & stable when backward, keeping the body straight, feet standing firm, eyes watching different direction. Never hit a fixed position. Movements are short, powerful, thrilling, & simple. Attacks start abruptly & withdraw suddenly.
Simple, Practical, Powerful movements. The player abruptly rises & falls, forcibly attacking. Elbows are used in many different skilled ways and steps mostly move straight forward & backward. Explosive force, aggressive manner, close & frm attack are the features.
It's divided into LiuHe Big Spear & LiuHe Hua Spear. Two sets use different size of spears. Movements of both sets are based on traditional LiuHe Big Spear & ZangSe Spear.
(1) Single VCD set US$7.99
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