Cheng Style Bagua Palm
by Master Liu, Jingru
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Bagua Eight Major Palms (1)
Bagua Muddy Wade Step &
8 Fundamental Palms (1)
Cheng Bagua Sword (1)
Cheng Bagua Double Mandarin-duck Axes
(Deer Horn Knifes) (1)
Demonstration of Cheng Bagua Palm & Weapon Routine (1)
Bagua Body Moving Chain Palm (1)
Bagua Sparring Exercises (1)
About the Performer: Master Jingru Liu, 65 years old, was born in Gao Yang, Heibei Province. He is now the Vice Director of Bagua Palm Supervision Committee & A member of Beijing Wushu Association. He learned wushu from master Xingwu Luo, who was once the most famous Cheng style Bagua master.
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Bagua Eight Major Palms mainly introduces excercise method and usage of eight large palms to be applied skillfully in the foundation of fundamental eight palms (regulated style eight palms). Eight Large Palms is the combination of foot and palm methods, which means it's the core routines of the Eight-Diagram Palm.
71 mins
Double Mandarin-duck Axes are close range weapons whose movements are various. This program introduces 40 movements of the weapon, its usage, and correct practicing method. Good for self-defense.
63 mins
This program is divided into 4 sections & 35 movements to introduce Body Moving Chain Palm. It is the continous routine of baisc eight palms and Eight major Palms. Movements are extensive & elegant, combined inflesibility & yeilding. It can be used in performance & match.
61 mins
A major weapon in Bagua Palm. This program is divided into 4 sections & 35 forms. It intorduces the characteristics of Bagua Sword, its training method & usage.
61 mins
51 mins
It contains the performances of major routines of Cheng style Bagua Palm & weaopn routines.
This program contains 24 sparring exercises movements. Through this exercises, players can grasp & understand Bagua palm better, and play the routines smoother. Good for Intermediate players.
56 mins
67 mins
This program contains 2 parts. Part 1 introduces the fundamental footwork of Bagua Muddy Wade Step. They are Straight Step, Hitting Step, Circling Step, & other steps; Part 2 introduces basic palm methods including "Fierce Tiger Off The Mountain", "Eagle Spread Wings", & "Lion Open Mouth".