7 Form Fist Series
by master Shi, Zhen Gang
A Major inheritor of 7 Form Fist
Tendon Poking Fist 1st-3rd Routine (1)
Item Code: SFF01 Duration: 60 mins, US$7.99
Tendon Poking Fist 4th-5th Routine (1)
Item Code: SFF02 Duration: 46 mins, US$7.99
Tendon Poking Fist 6th-7th Routine (1)
Item Code: SFF03
Duration: 52 mins, US$7.99
Whole Routine Special:
Tendon Poking Fist 1st-7th Routine (3)
Item Code: SFF04
Duration: 158 mins
7 Form Fist also called 7 Ton Pin 7 Form Fist. Its agressive offensive techniques mainly focus on short-range combact, footwork, & intercept. It was called the "Second fierce fist". Tendon-Poking Fist also called 8 Forces Fist. It is the fundamental routines of 7 Form Fist. Most movements are slow. It trains & restore forces of entire body & balance of limbs. Repeating low lower body postures trains steadiness of limbs & body & offensive abilities.
7 Forms Fist Sanshou (1)
7 Practical Frames (1) Fighting Techiques (1)
Item Code: SFF05
Item Code: SFF06 Item Code: SFF07
Duration: 50 mins
Duration: 58 mins Duration: 52 mins
7 Form Fist Sanshou is the applications of 7 Form Fist. It does not have jumping, rolling those common leg methods. It emphasizes on winding, attaching, holding, hooking, & changing direction using limbs.
This is the training program of practical movments & forces application in 7 Form Fist. It is the integrated training of leg, hand, & body skills mainly focusing on close combact. Each frame is a set of practical movements. Easy to learn & apply. No restriction on the size of training area. Each frame can be trainned seperately or together. This program contains several trainings of practical fighting techniques in 7 Form Fist. It covers force-yielding skill, left & right hooking method, striaght line frame, & side frame. Most techiques mainly train footwork. It emphasizes techniques of lower body.
7 Form Fist against Modern Fighting (1) Iron Shaozhi Stick & Applications (1)
Item Code: SFF08 Item Code: SFF09
Duration: 53 mins Duration: 61 mins
US$7.99 US$7.99
A demonstration program shows how 7 Form Fist versus modern fighting skills. It wisely & clearly shows the applications of different leg, hand, body skills of 7 Form Fist in defense & offense. A major weapon in 7 Form Fist. Flexible routine with agile movements. Forms act according to actual circumstances. Fundamental skills of 7 Form Fist required.
7 Form Fist Fighing Essences (1) 7 Form Fist Lying Hammer (1)
Item Code: SFF10 Item Code: SFF11
Duration: 59 mins Duration: 55 mins
US$7.99 US$7.99
This program contains fight techniques, Lying Hammer, fighting frame, & sanshou (SFF05, 06, 06, & 11). It is the essence, overview of 7 Form Fist. Detailed & practical. This form is based on special leg methods of 7 Form Fist winding & circling opponents, using close combat skills to tackle & hit opponents. It is the essence of 7 Forms Fist fighting skills.
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