San Wang (Three Emperor) Cannon Fist Series
by Pang, Lian Fu
About the Performer: Lianfu Pang was a gold medal winner of National Traditional Martial Arts Contest of China. He was 7th generation exponent of Three Emperor Cannon Fist.
Three Emperor Cannon Fist (1) 8 Immortals Sword (1)
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(Chinese / English) (Chinese / English)
Three Emperor Cannon Fist is one of traditional kungfus, including 3 different techniques: Heaven emperor, Earth emperor, & Human emperor. This program introduced Heaven emperor (king of heaven) which is the most representable routine. It features hard inside & soft outside, quick & sudden, changeable, simple & plain. It's said: "qi like gunpowder, fist like cannon, force releasing in sudden. This routine is a representable weapon routine in Three Emperor Cannon Fist school. It is also called as "8 Immortals Birthday Celebrating Sword", because it was conferred by the emperor of Qing dynasty after performing at the birthday ceremony for the emperor. The forms are steady & neat. Its unique movements help prolonging life.
Applications of Three Emperor Cannon Fist (1)
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Illustrated by master Yin, Su Ceng
Performed with
Zhang, Qing Kun/ Xu, Zhi qiang
About the Illustrator: Master Su Ceng Yin was the student of master Li, Yau Chen, a famous escort. A senior national wushu judge. He won several championships in different wushsu competitions including Beijing Wushu Competition & National Wushu Competition. He is now the Vice-President of Beijing (XuanWu District) Wushu Association, Chairman of Jing Chen Wushu Association.
This VCD is divided into 6 sections, applictions on 18 different movements:
1. Applications of Three Emperor Cannon Fist; 2. Hand forms, hand methods, & footwork; 3. Techniques Part 1 (including 4 different technique applications on hand methods); Techniques Part 2  (including 4 differents techniques); Techniques Part 3 (5 additional techniques); Techniques Part 4 (5 different throwing & lower body techniques)
by Master Zhang, Kai
About the performer: Vice Secretary-general of Beijing Wushu Association, president of Beijing San Huang Pao Chui (Three Emperor Cannon Fist) Research Institute & the Headmaster of JingHua Wushu School. He began learning wushi in 1952 from famous master including Liu, Huazhou/ Zu, Zhonghui/ Cui Tingrui. In 1979, he won 3 wushu champions for long, short weapons & all-round techniques. He has devoted himself to teach young wushu professionals & organized many wushu exhibitions in order to promote Chinese martial arts. He wrote several books on free Sparring & sanshou.
About the form: Three Emperor Cannon Fist belongs to Shaolin Temple kungfu system. It was taught by monk Pu He. It is a form that help consolidate your forces & energy. It emphasizes on empty hand combat techniques. Deft & powerful.
2nd, 3rd Routine
Cannon Fist (1)
1st, 4th Routine
Cannon Fist (1)
Demonstration of Three Emperor Cannon Fist (1)
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Cannon Fist Chai Fist (1)
Cannon Fist Sanshou (1)
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